Products & Services

The very idea of selecting a gravestone can be overwhelming for some. But at Thayer Monument, we are here to walk you through every step of the process so that you find a monument that is both meaningful, and within your budget. Our vast selection of monuments and marker styles also includes a wide selection of urns, vases, adornments and benches.


Granite comes in many different colors and grains - some even have an iridescence or sparkle to them. At Thayer Monument, we have many classic or traditional granite colors in stock, as well as many unique and rare granite types and colors that can be ordered. Our goal is to help you choose a granite color for your memorial that works best for the type of engraving you want, and the style of monument you have chosen.


Monument headstones are tablet style headstones that sit on a granite base, and are set on a concrete foundation. They can vary greatly in shape and size, usually limited only by any specific cemetery regulations. Single or individual headstones, or monuments are generally taller than they are wide. Double upright headstones or companion monuments tend to be wider than they are tall,  allowing more space for the engraving of two sets of names and dates. 

Flat Markers:

At Thayer Monument our standard Flat Grave Markers are 4" thick and come in a standard array of Granite Colors. If you would like a specific sized marker, just let us know and we can custom cut one to any size you need. We produce some of the finest affordable flat grave markers and headstones for graves among Southeastern Georgia monument companies, and would be honored to provide you with a marker you will be proud of.

Pillow Markers:

Pillow grave markers are very similar to flat grave markers but have a raised and slightly angled or slanted face. Pillow markers are created by giving them a slightly higher back edge. They also typically sit on a separate granite base, giving them a higher profile than a standard flat grave marker. Thayer Monument pillowed gravestones may be personalized with custom shapes, sizes and designs and of course, your choice of standard or custom granite colors.

Granite Benches:

Granite memorial benches must be set on a foundation to prevent settling, and may also sit on a granite base. Thayer Monument benches also vary greatly in shape, design and style, and may contain carved or bronze elements. We obviously manufacture granite benches for cemeteries, but also for churches and schools, parks, public and private gardens and municipal seating. Anywhere that may need a permanent seating area that has not only beauty and style, but long lasting durability is a candidate for a Thayer granite bench.

Pet Memorials:

Pet memorials come in all shapes and sizes, from full monument tablets pillow markers, granite plaques, garden markers, even engraved boulders, pre-crafted remembrance statues, or life-sized custom statues. Headstones for our beloved pets are limited only by personal preference. Additionally, our on-site graphic artists can either help you choose from hundreds of standard pet graphics, or help you create a custom portrait of your beloved friend from a supplied photo. Thayer Monument can supply headstones and memorials for dogs, cats, horses, or any of God’s creatures that you hold dear.