Frequently Asked Questions

A simple question, but at Thayer Monument, it opens the door of possibility, and the road to your complete satisfaction in choosing the right monument for yourself, or your loved one.
  • The most important place to start is your cemetery. While we are familiar with most Statesboro, GA area cemeteries and can help you with this, it is important to determine any specific regulations that will limit your choices in a monument.
Several factors determine how long it takes to get your monument placed at the cemetery. The range can be from four weeks to six months or more. Here are some things to consider.
  • Weather is a primary factor. Very wet ground may prohibit us from setting a solid foundation.
  • Choice of granite. While we stock many types and colors of granite at Thayer Monument, if you choose a stone that needs to be shipped in, it can add substantially to the delivery date. If a stone comes from overseas, it can take up to six months.
  • Custom graphics and additional engravings (such as the back of the monument)

The foundation is a concrete footing that is poured and levelled to provide a solid immovable base on which to set your monument. These are typically two feet deep and prevent any sinking or heaving of the monument. A granite base is usually placed over the foundation to conceal the concrete.

As we stated above, there may be some guidelines set forth by your cemetery of choice, but that notwithstanding, the options are quite literally limitless. From stone choice to size and graphics, Thayer Monument can handle all requests. Here are some things to consider.
  • Full Names, nicknames, maiden names
  • Birth and death dates, places too
  • Photos either etched or in porcelain
  • Flower pots or vases
  • Bronze plaques
  • Engraving on the back (easier to locate in the cemetery)
  • Favorite verses, quotes or poems
  • Memorial lights
  • Special shapes and /or carvings
  • Benches or other seating

Like any other decision in life is is always best to prepare. But with funeral arrangements, it can mean a great saving in stress and anxiety for your loved ones and that is a legacy that will long be remembered. It can also save on the cost, as anything purchased with today’s money provides a hedge against future inflation.